As Bayterek Teknoloji, we have been awarded TÜBİTAK 1512 Support (BiGG) with the project “Inspection of High Voltage Power Transmission Lines with Autonomous Unmanned Air Vehicles” in 2017 and it was established in Ankara by an electrical and electronic engineer and two computer engineers. We continued our previous studies from this date on the academic field, under the roofs of different companies or as freelance.

Our work in the field of robotics began in academic year 2007 with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). We continued to work with RTAs that would perform autonomous tasks with long flights in 2012 under the roofs of different companies or as a consultant engineer in 2010 to make unmanned land vehicles (IKA) and industrial automation applications with different robots. In 2015, we started to work on military purpose robots.


We want to contribute to making our country a place in these fields by producing high value-added projects in industrial, military, land, air and sea autonomous vehicle systems and all other high technology areas.


First and foremost to become a leading company in industrial and military autonomous vehicle systems all over the world.